• Belief and the “Natural Man”

    The sprouting seed of belief

      Belief is a Choice Belief is harder for some people than for others. I have heard people say, "I just cannot believe that." This is an interesting comment to make, since belief is a choice. What they really mean is, "I refuse to believe that." It is up...

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  • The Importance of Faith

    The art of sophistry

      The scriptures teach us about the importance of faith in our belief system, but the world does not use faith, it uses logic and the intellect to try to find truth. Sometimes the practice of using logical arguments, even when they are not all that logical,...

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  • Seven Abominations the Lord Hates

    Sewing Discord AB

      I have heard the word "abomination" and have used the word all my life, but never until now have I bothered to look it up. An abomination is something that is vile, disgusting, loathed, depraved, or hated. So if you say that something is abominable, that...

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  • To Have or to Hold – Women and the...

    mormon-family AB

      In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we use two phrases interchangeably that can be confusing to even the most seasoned member of the Church. We refer to someone "having" the priesthood, and we refer to someone "holding" the priesthood. We...

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  • The Importance of Scriptural Vocabulary

    Scriptural Vocab AB

      I know, you saw the phrase "scriptural vocabulary" in the title and cringed. Memories of spelling bees and vocabulary tests filled you with shudders, and you are being held at gunpoint to read this article. That is not an uncommon reaction when being told...

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  • King David Understood The Eternal Nature...

    Saul Listens To David AB

    When I think of the doctrine that we are eternal creatures, I think of modern revelation. It is Joseph Smith who teaches us about the premortal life, about the three degrees of glory, and about our potential to progress to become like God. What surprised...

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  • The Blessings of New Blood

    Welcome2 AB

      I was raised in a military family. We lived anywhere in the United States, but in Zion (Utah). We knew that Zion (the pure in heart) is anywhere there are Latter-day Saints. When I became an adult and had a family of my own I lived in Utah for more than...

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  • Christ as Revealed to Himself

    MurilloJosephChristChild1670-75 AB

      While preparing for an upcoming April General Conference of the Church, I got thinking along the lines of Easter and the Savior. Every General Conference focuses on our Lord, but the April Conference focuses more heavily on Christ's sacred mission as...

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  • Agency Misunderstood


      I know a couple whose returned missionary son is considering moving out of the house and into his own place. What seems like a normal move for a twenty three year old male does not appear that way to his mother. She is not ready to have her baby leave the...

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  • Why the Lord Tests His People

    Moses parts waters AB

    One of the myths that Christians perpetuate or cause to be passed from generation to generation is that God will save us from all our heartache and sorrows here in mortality. It is true that the Lord has helped his people on many occasions escape from their...

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