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New Perspective on Old Scriptures

Everyone has their own relationship with their scriptures.  For some, the scriptures are a collection of stories, Christ at the well, Jonah and the big fish, etc. For others, their scriptures are a source for doctrines, the Atonement, the judgment, etc. For others the scriptures are a sleep aid (Isaiah). I would like to suggest […]

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Book of Mormon Lesson 13 – Allegory of the Olive Trees

I am writing this lesson help specifically for those who are not familiar with what grafting is and how it works. This allegory, or story that teaches a lesson, is much easier to understand once you comprehend what happens in the process of grafting. Reading Assignment: Jacob 5-6. Additional reading: 1 Nephi 10:12–14; 22:3–5; BibleDictionary, “Olive Tree,” […]

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