Life's Glories

Life’s Glories Fade Away

The title of this post sounds so dramatic, but it is, nonetheless correct. I play the organ in the temple every Saturday, and as I played Hymn #166, Abide With Me! the words of the second verse really struck home. I am at that time in my life when I am beginning to see that […]

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Power Comes From Having to Struggle

Having to struggle for answers, for direction, or for inspiration has always been an annoyance to me. I have always been a fan of direct and complete information. When my children post on FaceBook and just say, “Crud,” I won’t even respond. I’m not about to start that whole prying for information thing. I figure […]

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Laman and Lemuel

The Object Lesson

I play the organ at the temple once a week. When someone else who plays cannot make it, I sometimes get a call to substitute for them. Recently I got a call to play for a friend. The peace of the temple was palpable, which is why I like being in the temple. I played […]

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