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20 Questions on Service

The second great commandment is to love one another, which requires we serve one another. We cannot love without serving. Service, and how to do it, can be elusive at times. I have read...

Old Testament 15 – Look to God and Live

The children of Israel teach us what it means to become lost, and how we can be found. This lesson is basically a list of examples of times in which they took their eyes...
peculiar people

Old Testament 14 – A Peculiar Treasure unto Me

I fear we are sometimes too harsh when we judge ancient Israel. Their faults are laid out before us, along with the Lord's judgments against them for those faults. But if we look more...
two hearts

The Church Has Two Hearts

Every body has a heart, and our church has two bodies and two hearts. As children we begin in the body of the church, but the first time we are given a position of...

The Sabbath – Jesus Christ is the Lord of the Sabbath

It is one thing to acknowledge that Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath, but it is quite another thing to figure out our personal responsibility towards the Sabbath day because he is the...

Old Testament 13 – Bondage, Passover, and Exodus

This lesson is all about birth and growth. Israel is being claimed as God's firstborn and given birth as His chosen people. But as in any new family relationship, they needed to learn to...
rely on the Lord

Old Testament 12 – Fruitful in the Land of My Affliction

This lesson is a continuation of the theme from the last lesson. In lesson 11 we looked at how Joseph demonstrated faithfulness, forgiveness, obedience, and patience to overcome great trials in his life at...
growth in adversity

Old Testament 11 – How Can I Do This Great Wickedness?

This lesson provides us with the opportunity to discuss one of God's lesser acknowledged attributes, the ability to find good and growth in adversity.  Joseph's situation We don't know much about Jacob's 11th son, Joseph, except...
Abrahamic covenant

Old Testament 10 – Birthright Blessings; Marriage in the Covenant

This lesson is one of those subjects which, though basic to our theology, is fraught with emotional landmines. Even though the title is about eternal marriage, I would argue that our birthright is about...

Old Testament 09 – God Will Provide Himself a Lamb

At first, my fear was that this lesson would be yet another rehash of the old story of Abraham's sacrifice. But once I had read all the material, and especially once I had seen...

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